Tellpizzahut – Secrets to Win Pizza Hut Vouchers And Cash Prizes At

Founded just 59 years ago by Yum! Brands, pizza hut has established itself as one of the most liked and visited pizzeria all over the world. This Italian-American cuisine is especially known for their different flavored pizzas and pasta. However, their salads, garlic bread, drinks, and desserts are also loved by all foodies. So, don’t Forget to visit for entering in Tellpizzahut survey online portal.

This restaurant chain has over 16,000 franchises in more than 100 countries of the world where thousands of employees work their best to provide you with the best quality pizza. Staying true to their punch-line “MAKE IT GREAT”, they offer a perfect place for all the pizza lovers to satiate their hunger.

Pizza hut has an identification symbol of shingled red roof which accentuates their choice of name of being a ‘HUT’. Though in some cases they have introduced the concept of ‘Pizza Hut Express’ which has replaced the ‘Red Roof’ and ‘The Hut’ locations are fast food restaurants. This helps you in selecting your choice of place to eat.

Serving since 1958, pizza hut knows how to keep their customers happy. In order to do so, they indulge their customers in activities such as filling out surveys to voice their opinion. This helps them to remain on top of the restaurant world.

They have provided their customers with to give their suggestions by filling out a simple survey form. On this platform, they ask questions regarding the taste and quality of food and the service provided to the customers.

Tellpizzahut –  How to Enter in Pizza hut Survey to Win $1000 Daily

Pizza hut customer satisfaction survey not only helps them to improve their quality but also provides their customers with chances to win $1000 daily or $500 three times weekly. And that’s not about it. You can also get free vouchers, discount offers and win many lotteries if you become a part of the sweepstakes by carrying out the survey. If you’re a regular visitor to pizza hut, then you should participate in the lucky draw by giving your feedback at

If you participate in their survey, there are one in ten chances for you to get lucky and earn the cash prize.

Tellpizzahut which is also known as Customer Satisfaction Survey lets you contribute to making their service better with great comfort and also rewards you for it more than other restaurant surveys. By giving them feedback about their services, you let them know what their customers expect from them. This not only gives them an idea on how to do better but also increases their customer count greatly.

Simply go to and you’ll be taken to the survey.

Pizza hut rewards you for taking your time to help them get better by giving thousands of dollars worth of cash prizes daily as well as other vouchers, gift hampers, and lotteries. So basically, visiting pizza hut bestows quality food upon you as well as helps you get money by doing no effort whatsoever.

NOTE: This offer comes and goes from time to time and also stays for a limited time. So you should stay alert if you want to participate in the lucky draw. Also, check out the rules for taking part to avoid any misconceptions.

Method to Participate in Survey At Tellpizzahut 

To take part in the feedback, you need to:

  1. Have an internet-enabled device.
  2. Have a recent pizza hut purchase receipt (The one before the activation of the offer will not be accepted).
  3. Be more than 16 years of age.
  4. Be a citizen of any of the following countries: United States, Canada, Honduras, Germany, Denmark, United Kingdom, and Korea.


You can get a chance to try your luck to get free prizes just by following the following instructions:

  1. First, go to their official website
  2. You will be given two options for languages i.e. English and Spanish. Choose your language of preference.
  3. Enter information on your receipt. This information could be the code for survey invitation which is printed at the bottom of the receipt or the restaurant store number which will be printed on the top.
  4. Give details of your order i.e. the food you ordered, whether you dined in, had take out, or used their home delivery service.
  5. Fill out your survey form honestly. Also, add additional details if required. If you’re asked to, add your comments and concerns to help pizza hut improvise.
  6. You can also complete your survey by calling at 1 800 815 0474.
  7. You can also mail your survey to the address mentioned on their official website. For this, write your name, contact number, and address on the postcard so that they don’t have any trouble contacting you if you win a prize.

As loyal customers, it is your duty to contribute to the betterment of your favorite restaurant chain.


In case you have not purchased anything from the pizza hut recently but would like to enter the lucky draw, you can still enter to take part in the survey and become a participant of the draw.

Visiting is easy, transient, and it rewards you with prizes for your help.


Customers from the UK can also take part in the survey. Please follow our guide Here to get a chance to win numerous prizes.